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You are more capable than you know.

The combined impact of life experiences, societal messages, and daily struggles can leave you feeling lost in the noise and make you feel devalued and small.

Sometimes all you need is a guide who can help point the way.

Together, we will tap into the wisdom of the universe and access your inner knowing. Join me now for an exciting, fulfilling journey.

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Hi, I’m Michele and my calling is to help you tune in to the magic and wonder in the world.

With more than 25 years of experience as a seasoned intuitive and creative life coach, I help you reclaim your inner authority and successfully navigate life’s challenges.

We work together in practical and dynamic ways to hone your life skills, clarify your career path, and deepen your relationships.

With a renewed sense of confidence, you redefine yourself — using your own inner compass.

Create Your Own Life Now.

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Creative Life Coaching

In this unique collaboration, we work together to find creative solutions to life’s dilemmas, challenges, and unanswered questions. Move from feeling disconnected to making inspired choices that help you evolve and improve the quality of your life.

Re-imagine Your Life:
  • Make conscious, informed decisions.
  • Access your own advanced inner compass.
  • Move beyond stuck patterns and create fulfilling relationships.
  • Feel confident and assert your voice.
  • Live your purpose.

Language of Intuition® Program

This program focuses on the study of signs and symbols. Learn how to recognize and interpret powerful messages from the Universe. Get off the treadmill of over-thinking and listen to Divine Guidance. Nurture your intuition to create magical life shifts.

  • Recognize potential outcomes ahead of time.
  • Discover the metaphor and meaning of signs easily.
  • Experience a deep, interactive relationship with Nature.
  • Receive clear and immediate guidance from signs in your environment.

Michele is that rare combination of listener, healer and life coach that we all need.
When my 2-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, my initial reaction was despair. Michele helped me peel back the layers of my own fear, so that I could find my voice and advocate for my son. With her intuitive guidance, I sought support and education not just for him, but for myself as well. Life isn’t perfect, but today I see hope instead of despair. I am my son’s number one teacher. He has made amazing progress, but in order to do that, I had to reclaim my own power. Through compassion and wisdom, Michele helped me navigate my son’s challenges along with my own fears and insecurities.

Nisha S.,

Start Your Transformation

Speak up and have a positive impact on the world.
Turn fear and uncertainty into adventure and success.
Exude confidence and trust your intuition.
Live a deeply connected, magical life.
Manifest greatness in your life.

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