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Enhance Your Learning with a Meditative Pause

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I have a vocal coach who teaches me how to sing, breathe, and improve presentations. She describes herself as an eccentric vegan soprano. I see her as a kind, spiritually deep, singing and breath coach: A talented singer and energy healer. Her name is: Tricia Leines.

Recently, she introduced me to a technique on how to enhance my learning after a singing session. This would apply to learning any skill: golf, piano, Excel spreadsheets, anything.

She discovered this on Huberman’s Podcast. Dr. Andrew Huberman is a Stanford professor bringing neuroscience to everyday life. He outlines a series of specific techniques to enhance learning skills in this podcast.

Here’s the full podcast. You’ll find this specific technique starting at 48.30.
How to Learn Skills Faster | Huberman Lab Podcast #20

Huberman states that right after we learn a skill in a training session, we should do nothing, yes nothing. Taking some quiet time immediately after learning something significantly enhances learning.

The brain scripts the session in reverse. In this idle time, the brain is doing its own recording of the training.

Tricia summed this up beautifully:

After a learning session, it’s important to just sit for a few minutes. There is a threshold from one activity to the next. How we cross that bridge and make that transition to the next activity matters. It’s a state of receptivity, depth of quietude. Literal breathing space.

In that moment, listen to your body. Settle into the breath. The Great Silence. The Divine Breath.

A moment of contemplation after a learning session is like cooling down after exercise. After you work your brain, find quiet intervals to rest your brain. You will learn more in less time.

By making space between learning sessions, you create space for further insight.

If you’re interested in breath, song and rhythm, I encourage you to contact Tricia Leines. She is an excellent singing coach.

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